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NGR in SouthEast Asia

Just back from Nepal and Kathmandu where we do ProBono work for Social businesses that work on the prevention side of human trafficking.

It is estimated that in Nepal +400,000 individuals are trafficked every year into brothels and bonded labour. Nepal is one of the major hubs in south east asia just as Cyprus is the main hub going into the EU.

We believe that by providing alternative sources of income, will reduce the risk of exposure and hence provides individuals with a choice. For many selling their children, or to ”volontarely” go into bonded labour is perceived as the only option. Our partners are long term entrepreneurs, providing basic business training as well as providing other income related opportunities to highly exposed areas.

In Kathmandu we do management consulting for a family of businesses and our network is continiously growing within the Social Business field. A Social business is defined by:

  • They aim to be profitable

  • They adress at least one social issue

  • The owner does not take back other then the once invested amount.

We are also currently piloting personality assessments in the Phillippines with the aim to eliviate risk connected to microfinancing. Microfinancing has long been one of the most, if not THE most, efficient tool to eliviate poverty.

The FiveFactorModel has proven itself across cultures and even if computing the scores must be adjusted just a little bit in some east asian cultures, it still is a valid scale.

The strength of the NGr and it´s ”anti-social” scales are very useful tools in assessing individuals for potential business training. Not only can we learn more about who can be eligable for training but we can also identify potential for risk within the personas themselves.

Interested in what we do and who we do it with. Please reach out to

and we will be happy to assist.

#Entrepreneur #Personality

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