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Emotional Intelligence - Forget it

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has long been, even if more a couple of years back, almost a buzzword. Some researchers I know have put it like:

- The construct of Emotional Intelligence is no less than a life saver for people with low IQ:s

(Perhaps a bit harsh, but funny we think, cause its partly true)

Meaning that EI is not really a valid construct. Yet it gains more and more ground, even if its in the positivity field.

Studies the last couple of years has shown that EI overlaps with General Factor of Personality (GFP). Which proves that EI is a new word on something old. There are (yet) no valid ways to measure EI but GFP has been subject to studies for a long time now and is not only a valid construct it is also reliable.

A previous meta-analysis (Van der Linden et al., Psychol Bull 143:36–52, 2017) showed that the General Factor of Personal- ity (GFP) overlaps with ability as well as trait emotional intelligence (EI). The correlation between trait EI and the GFP was so high (ρ = 0.88) in that meta-analysis that these two may be considered virtually identical constructs.

Now, what Van der Linden et a. set out to do this time was to research these findings by examining whether the strong phenotypic correlation between the GFP and trait EI has a genetic component.

The genetic correlation was an astonishing r=.90!

Stop the mambo jambo what does it really mean!?

Well, basically what it does mean is that its better for you to test for GFP in your new candidates. Its reliable, easy and valid.

Also it means that you can stop trying to change them AND yourself. Your genes decides to what extent you are an "Emotional intelligent" individual.

So you need your own (and your co-workers) road map of personality so that you can be aware of your strong and your weak sides. Also, perhaps even more important your dark sides.

And if you have followed this blog, only the Five Factor Model (FFM) can provide you that information

#Metastudie #Personality

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