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Super busy

The last blogg was about our new product where we profile Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy. ESE is the best predictor for entrepreneurial success.

That blogg was by blogging standards quite some time ago and for a reason.

Since we launched the ESE it´s been busy times. It seems like the market found a new angel on the subject of personality.

Amongst other cases we are presently assisting (cause assistance is all you need) in the process for the recruiting of a new CEO. This case is particularly interesting since we won the bid in competition with "traditional" recruitment firms and their processes.

Not only do NGr cut the fees by 2/3 we are also the only solution out there (right now) who provides perfect traceability AND a continuous building of a database of ready profiled candidates. As deadline for applying for the CEO position is reached we will by then have a database of readily profiled, categorized and fitted candidates for the client.

But, you might say, we want to do search and we want to do headhunting. Well, so in this particular case also. However the searched candidate must go through the same testing and be treated the same in order to qualify the individual. Also there is one thing we know about search.

Search is excluding and high risk in bias.

Depending on the work description for a CEO you might want to look for some different traits. At this particular case we are looking for someone with a high GFP (General Factor of Personality). Basically it means that we are looking for someone with the standard deviation of 1.0 to 1.5. In other words we are looking for someone that comes 2 in 10.

Cut-off points will be decided before the candidates takes the test which gives us total control on who and why they have not made the cut or not. This kind of traceability is stated by law in the US but surprisingly not yet in Sweden. But it will come.

If you call the employer today and ask them why you did not make it to the interview rounds or why you did not get the job, you will most likely be given fuzzy answers that are at the best subjective.

"-You did not have what we were looking for, we are looking for someone with more sales experience, we had candidates that were stronger etc."

In US that sort of answers will get you sued. But not in Sweden.

It is particularly interesting in a social engineered country like Sweden that we accept recruiters to sort out applications in any way they like and never be responsible for it.

Back to what we do.

Once the candidates are plotted onto the scheme. (Above is an example of what it can look like).

We single out the ones that makes the cut-off points and THEN we look behind the dots, to find out who they are, what they know etc.

The last step is a Matrigma cognitive test (IQ).

This process provides our clients with low-cost, high precision recruiting.

Non-biased recruiting AND totally traceable.

Superfast, easy, clean and efficient.

Lets keep the conversation going.


#Innovation #CEO #Rekrytering

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