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How to identify an entrepreneur

Here at NGr we are hereby happy to introduce to you the Next Generation Report - entrepreneurial edition.

The last few years research has turned it´s interest towards buzzwords like creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We have tried to identify if there are certain traits or abilities that are more or less tightly intervened to such capabilities.

You see, traditional psychology has since long learned that not everybody is truly creative. Hence not everybody is innovative and certainly not everybody is an entrepreneur.

The Swedish public sector and the world of science parks have for decades (almost by now) worked with such individuals as one part solution for creating jobs and to boost the economy. Having Silicon Valley as a role model for what happens when you flock together around a certain subject. It is not a bad thought in any way, in fact there are several theories from a vast spectrum of academic disciplines that supports such a notion.

However, one must take it one step further in order to be effective. Again not everybody is creative and not everybody is an entrepreneur. We know quite a lot these days what traits these individuals have in common. Yet, we offer the services for everyone.

It is a nice and friendly thought that everybody is given the same chance, the real problem is that we are given the same chance on the same conditions. So in the end even our publicly funded system for entrepreneurs and innovators are unfair.

With so many other ideologies one becomes one owns worst enemy in the strive for total equality.

Let us explain.

Entrepreneurs significally score higher than managers in Openess and Conciencousness. They also score lower on neuroticism and agreeableness.

The results are robust and even if the details are more complicated than this, this is a good and honest way to summaries it.

Another important subtrait for someone of an entrepreneur is self-afficacy.

If one does not have self-efficacy it will be extremely tough to go through with a startup. One can be creative but have low efficacy but one can not make it as an entrepreneur without the trait of Self-afficacy. Self-Efficacy is the ability to have confidence in one's own ability to achieve intended results.

It seems like this is the most important sub trait and researcher has spent the last decade identifying and creating certain scales for entrepreneurs explicitly.

These are called Entrepreneurial self-efficacy.

NGr has compiled the research and created a custom made report for those of you who wants to profile and identify entrepreneurs or individuals with entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurial Personality Profile

This tool is extremely effective in screening processes and in all sorts of different due diligence processes.

Also for you who would want to add the competence of business development and or product development, these kind of individuals might be a good add on to your business.

If you like to know more about the possibilities around ESA and or specific profiling towards specific jobs, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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