Personality traits are more important for life success than education

NGr:s very own Petri Kajonius has together with colleague Anders Carlander taken upon a study for life satisfaction and economic success in life. With a sample of 5280 swedes they have concluded the following:

* Personality traits related as much as childhood background to annual income

* Childhood background related more than personality traits to educational attainment

* Personality traits related more than childhood background to life outcome satisfaction

This also leads us to conclude, for sweden, a somewhat controversial statement

" The social mobility in sweden seems to be correlated to personality traits rather than free education and small differences in payroll"

Putting the swedish model in front of a question mark on several levels.

The study has gained national interest by being published on DN opinion.

Here is a link in swedish

For this of you who are interested in the original study (EN). You will find it here


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