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Experts are the worst recruiters

Traditional employee selection is, for many, considered a black box. Something time consuming and something you can do yourself BUT an expert is even better.

Not only does the expert free up your time, they also free up some space in your wallet.

How good are they really?

Kuncel, Connelly, Klieger and Ones (2013) set out to find out.

In a Meta-analysis they reviewed 25 different studies that all compared mechanical versus holistic models of recruitment. Some of the studies also predicted future academic achievements as well as GPA. (Grade Point Average)

The studie examined and compared the relative predictive power o mechanical methods versus holistic methods. Results were consistent and showed substantial loss of validity when data were combined holistically - even by experts who are knowledgeable, about the jobs and organization in question.

In predicting job-performance, the difference between validity of mechanical and holistic data combination methods translated into an improvement in prediction, for mechanical methods, of more than 50%.

Experts, just like all of us, are subject of prejudice and preconceived perceptions. Also the interview situation is nothing but a more or less advanced role-play and nobody delivers that in just one meeting. No matter what you charge.

#Metastudie #Jobperformance #Rekrytering

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