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"Dark side" personality style might be an even better predictor of job-performance

Looking for your next employee isn't always easy. Who´s right and who's not.

Often we meet employers that really haven't asked the right questions as they are about to hit the road on to their next employee. The obvious misstake is to look for experience but even if they have come past this misconception, the most valid question still seems to remain unanswered.

Some treat it like a risk management project.

-Let´s not hire the wrong person.

Which often lead you to hiring someone "not wrong", limiting the potential of your business (at its best).

At NGr we claim that what every recruiting process should lead to, is to answer the question:

- How do I predict job performance?

Job performance is measured in three different categories:

1) Task performance

2) Contextual performance

3) Overall job performance

Salgado and Moscoso (2004) set out to test if the seven dysfunctional personality styles could predict any, or all, of the three measures.

The results showed that the seven dysfunctional personality styles (suspicious, shy, sad, pessimistic, sufferer, eccentric and risky) predicted the three measures of job performance. The egocentric personality style negatively predicted contextual performance. Finally, the submitted style predicted task performance. With the exception of the risky personality style, the rest of the styles mainly consisted of neurotisism.

We are one of the few profile providers that will give you as an employer explicit information across the dysfunctional personality style scale. We have found it overwhelmingly helpful in predicting task performance.

Cause that´s what you are really looking for.....right?

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