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The FFM of personality and job performance

In 1997 the American Psychological Association published an article by Jesús F. Salgado on the topic of job performance and the FFM.

The study is a meta analys which for the first time includes the European countries. Former studies have been US oriented and there was a need for research on the relevance across continents.

The results indicate that Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability (Neurotisism) are valid predictors across job criteria and occupational groups. The remaining factors are valid only for some criteria and for some occupational groups. Openness and Agreeableness were valid predictors of training proficiency.

Consciensiousness showed validity for all occupations tested for (police, professionals, managers, sales and skilled labour). However Extraversion generalizes validity for managers and police.

Salgado found that conscientiousness seems to be generalized across all occupations as a valid predictor for future job performance.

In order to predict training performance agreeableness is key.

Salgados findings suggests that conscientiousness and agreeableness are factors that combined will give a good foundation in order to predict future job performance.

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