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Our Products

1. NextGenerationReport.

Personalityprofiling wthat will give you all the facts and information according to the well renowned Five Factor Model. The profiling consists of open data and can be attained at all well renowned psychological institutions. Our report is unique because it provides information about anti-social tendendencies as well as a indicator to as of how the candidate relates to the rest of the populations with regards to learning skills, ability to maintain relationships, entrepreneurship and so on.

This report is best used in the recruiting process.

2. NextGenerationReport Group Analysis

Do you know what kind of person to recruit next? It can be tricky if you don't even know what you already have. NGr offers you a light versions of the individual profiles as well as a summary of the group. To top it of we will also include a recommendation of your next profile.

It is also possible to get your group analysis related to you specific business and needs.


3. Risk minimizing for investors

NGr will provide you with all vital information needed about the individuals that you are about to invest in. You have the business know-how regarding the idea you want to invest in, we will give you allt the info on the individual and/or the group if they have the traits needed to make the idea a success. The Five Factor Model identifies traits like consciensiousness, honesty, and cooperation ability. Profiling is a unique way for you to get to know the individuals who's ideas you are bout to invest in.

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