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The most validated scientifically platform

The Five Factor Model has been under development for some 80 years, from use of language, scienctific statistics, and professional use, which´h makes it the most founded personality model there is.

This model today dominates all areas within research and partitionning , work psychology and psykiatris included, and it is the most researched model.

It captures what other kvasi-scientific tests will capture ( HPI, HDS, Myers-Briggs), but has a better reliability and predictive validity (the ability to predict behaviour). The model is both easy to understand and to use and it is used within the fields of biology, neuroscience and pshyciatric research.

The most reliable platform

It is the psychometric superior model within science (next to intelligence).

FFM har proven itself very stable over time and thereby gives the possibility to predict feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

The most valid platform

The Five Factor Model can predict where one will move and live, well-being, loyalty, performance, values etc., which makes it the most predictive model, also within ones proffesional life.It can scope out normal behavior as well as destructive traits, which can save en employer a lot of stress, money and time. Due to this it will help minimize risk (uncertainty) in all aspects of recruiting and development.

The most equal platform

The FFM doesn't discriminate background, sex or race. It leaves no room for whitewashing or other social layers that will express themselves in a meeting or other types of interactions.

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